Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Plastic Packaging History

"Cellophane let them choose food on the basis of how it looked, without sacrificing hygiene or freshness.

plastic packaging

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One study - admittedly funded by DuPont - found that wrapping crackers in cellophane boosted sales by more than half.

And retailers had no shortage of similar advice. "She buys meat with her eyes," said a 1938 edition of The Progressive Grocer.

plastic re-use process

In fact, the meat counter was the hardest to make self-service. The problem was that meat, once cut, would quickly discolour.

But trials suggested a self-service meat counter could sell 30% more food.

With such an incentive, solutions were found: pink-tinted lighting, antioxidant additives and - of course - an improved version of cellophane, which let through just the right amount of oxygen.

Fizzy drinks come in polyethylene terephthalate.

And if you're not lost already, consider that plastic packaging is increasingly made from multiple layers of these and other substances, such as biaxially-oriented polypropylene or ethylene-vinyl acetate.

There's a reason for this, say packaging gurus - different materials have different properties, so multiple layers can give you the same performance from a thinner - and thus lighter - piece of packaging.

But these compound packaging materials are harder to recycle."

Choose reusables!
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Friday, March 8, 2019

Plastic Free Bag Australia

The restriction on the utilization of plastic packs in Western Australia has begun as of January 1, 2019, with retailers never again have the capacity to furnish clients with lightweight plastic sacks when shopping in their stores. It is also helpful with reusable stainless steel smoothie straws.

Retailers who neglect to consent to the new laws will confront significant fines and disturbances to their business activities.

Plastic Straw Ban Australia

The National Retail Association (NRA), which has joined forces with the state government to help the division to make a smooth progress in front of the boycott, has issued an announcement to purchasers prior reminding them to be set up for the change when they shop beginning the new year.

David Stout, NRA supervisor of Industry Policy, said the pack boycott applies to all retailers working in Western Australia paying little mind to size or type – extending from newsagents to sustenance outlets, to drug stores and oil stations.   It's also the same with order wholesale Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw.

Forceful said customers need to ensure that they have elective choices set up, as reusable sacks, to protect against any bother.

Clean Up Australia Day 2019

After numerous years crusading, a restriction on plastic sacks is on the plan at the Environment Ministers meeting on Friday 25 November 2016. It is the ideal opportunity for activity on plastic sacks - for the last time.

Plastic Bag Free gatherings have been running neighborhood activities and gathering a great many supporters. In 2012 Plastic Bag Free NSW volunteers have gathered 12,472 marks on an appeal requesting that the NSW government present a prohibition on lightweight plastic packs.

On the fourth June 2015 the Plastic Bag Ban request was introduced to Bruce Notley-Smith (Member for Coogee) at NSW Parliament House; and Bruce set off a parliamentary discussion for 13 August 2015. Plastic Bag Free Victoria introduced in August 2016, a huge number of names to their Parliament and the Vic Greens have held up a bill to boycott the pack and other harming plastics.

Vitally the Qld government will be issuing a Discussion Paper on a pack boycott soon in 2016. We are campaigning for different states to participate.

Australian Litter Congress 2019

A July 2015 Omnipoll uncovered 63% of Australians (and furthermore basic supply purchasers) bolster a prohibition on single utilize plastic sacks from general stores and stores. 81% help the current boycott in South Australia indicating open help develops once a boycott becomes effective.

We have given all state and government condition clergymen with the actualities and a point by point approach position. While past states, for example, SA and NT have prohibited plastic sacks they made a noteworthy escape clause by permitting purported biodegradable packs - yet these basically separate into little pieces (microplastics) and contain overwhelming metals. They should be restricted as well.
 We all agree smoothie straws make great fundraising ideas.

Friday, February 1, 2019


Stainless Straws

2 biggest tips to be a #consciousconsumer.

1 - Know your why - why are your buying something?  Do you really need it?  Are you shopping because you are bored, or out of habit, or to keep up with a trend or your neighbours?

When you pause and question your why, often the delay itself leads to you refusing and not making the purchase.  There's a reason marketers have words like "impulse shopping" "up sells" and "cross sells" - and it is because they work.  You can just shake your head if you find it challenging to say the actual word NO.

2 - Focus on the process, not your progress.  Or, don't allow your idea of perfection hold you back from sharing your good efforts.

Look, no matter how hard you believe in the power of good intentions, your reduced plastic consumption will most likely not result in shrinkage of the great Pacific Garbage Patch.  

We need to stop single use plastic straws.

whale plastic free cartoon
Whales found with 6kg of plastic bags (that's a lot of plastic bags) inside.

pelican plastic free cartoon
Animals don't leave unnecessary waste - #singleuseisnoexcuse

plastic free nature cartoon
Plastic is so everywhere it is even in living beings.

turtle plastic free stainless straws
Turtles are particularly vulnerable to plastic due to their slow breeding cycle.

Ocean Life cartoon plastic waste
Plastic doesn't "go away" it's here for 400+ years
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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Coloured Straws Australia

Coloured Metal Straws Australia

Search Coloured Metal Straws Australia and you find Stainless Steel Straws - an Australian Business dedicated to sharing the highest quality rolled edge metal straws.  We only sell from our Australia warehouse and deliver across Australia for as little as $1.

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We support WWF initiatives to save Green Turtles as well as environmental activism through Greenpeace.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Plastic Straw Ban Australia

Australia has made some steady progress towards banning single use plastic straws in retail and hospitality outlets.  Plastic straws are still offered and freely available at fast food locations and on the whole the average consumer continues to be comfortable using plastic straws.  But awareness is growing and the trending growth of reusable metal straws and silicone straws supports this.

Plastic Straw Ban Australia
Plastic Straw Ban Australia

Stainless Steel Straws is a young family business based in Merewether, New South Wales.  We are proud of our local roots and the fact that we are positively contributing to more eco-awareness.

Our Story in 100 words or less

I came to the zero-waste and plastic-free space after working through lots of personal development.  It was a natural progression to see how unhealthy foods impact on my family's health - and how an active outdoor life is the way to go.

So we sold our gourmet food and wine business and began exploring our options in the health and wellness space.  I trained in life coaching and meditation and was hosting mindfulness walks around national parks - but then stainlesssteelstraws.com.au came along.  We haven't looked back!

Single Use Plastic Straws ban
Ban Plastic Straws in Australia

“Zero waste is not about complicating your life, but simplifying it. We were drowning in stuff, and I was tired of marketeers, that I had to put a stop to it. So the first step to zero waste is refusing what you don’t need. You need to learn to say no.”

Banning Straws in Australia

"Minimalism isn't about deprivation. I still buy that expensive Burberry trench coat that costs thousands of pounds because it's great-looking and great value... But I am more conscious of how I spend because I want to be free of physical, emotional and financial clutter. I'm paying attention to the ethos of buying products that are environmentally-friendly and made with fair trade practices. I'm careful about my purchases."

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